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      千萬別學英語 Situation 1 Waking Up


      It is Monday morning, Robert's mom comes into his room and wakes him upM: Robert, wake up. It's seven o'clock.R: Oh, mom. Can't I sleep a little longerM: No

      千萬別學英語 Situation 2 Breakfast


      Robert Coming downstairs and sitting at the table. Mom, breakfast smells great. What is itMom It's waffles, just like you wanted.R Thanks, mom. You're the bes

      千萬別學英語 Situation 3 Talking to Dad


      Robert's dad comes downstairs and joins Robert and his mom at the table.Mom Good morning, dear.Robert Good morning, dad.Dad Good morning, you two. What were yo

      千萬別學英語 Situation 4 Mom and Dad Have a Talk


      Mom He sure is growing up fast.Dad Tell me about it. He seems to change every month.M What do you think about him playing team basketball I'm worried that he'

      千萬別學英語 Situation 5 On the School Bus


      Robert goes outside and catches the bus. His friend Billy is already on the bus.Robert Hey, Billy. What's upBilly Hey, Bobby. How are youR My name is Robert, n

      千萬別學英語 Situation 6 Basketball


      David is sitting behind Robert and wants to talk about basketball.David I heard you guys talking about basketball. Who do you think is the greatest player everR

      千萬別學英語 Situation 7 First Period


      Robert's first period of the day is English class, his teacher is Mr. Hubbard.Mr. Hubbard Good morning, class.Class Good morning, Mr. Hubbard.H Did all of you

      千萬別學英語 Situation 8 Second Period


      Robert's second period of the day is a computer class. His teacher is Mrs. Cross.Cross Class, please sit down.Robert Mrs. Cross, can I go to the bathroomC Of c

      千萬別學英語 Situation 9 Recess 1


      After his computer class, Robert gets a fifteen minute break that is called recess.Billy Hey, Robert. How were your classesRobert They were great. My English te

      千萬別學英語 Situation 10 Recess 2


      Robert and Billy find Michelle.Robert Hey, there's Michelle. Why don't you go talk to herBilly I'm shy. You talk to here. I'll listen.R What It was your ide

      千萬別學英語 Situation 11 Social Studies


      Robert's third period class is social studies in which students learn about different countries and societies. His teacher's name is Mr. Bert.Robert Mr. Bert.

      千萬別學英語 Situation 12 The Nurse's Office


      After social studies, Robert suddenly feels sick again and so doesn't go to his history class, but instead goes to the nurse's office.Nurse What's your nameR

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