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      1. The ______________ manager will have an interview with some job applicants next week.

      A. personal B. personnel C. permission D. staff

      2. Being extremely ______________ to the cold, I do not like skiing.

      A. insensitive B. sensible C. senseless D. sensitive

      3. If you want to telephone him, you will have to _____________ the number.

      A. look at B. look through C. look to D. look up

      4. He looked for a table to sit down at, but they were all _______________.

      A. used up B. engaged C. filled in D. occupied

      5. After the campaign a special medal was ______________ to all combatants.

      A. gained B. awarded C. deserved D. donated

      6. It's much more ________________ to buy a season ticket if you travel every day.

      A. cheap B. economical C. economic D. saving

      7. He spoke so quickly that I didn't ______________ what he said.

      A. catch B. receive C. listen D. accept

      8. You are not quite _____________ when you call a computer an electronic brain.

      A. right B. correct C. exact D. accurate

      9. This young tree could not have been damaged by accident; I believe it was done _______________.

      A. in fact B. on purpose C. by plan D. by appointment

      10. Your library card _____________ next month, you'll have to get a new one if you want to borrow more books.

      A. discloses B. closes C. expires D. surpasses

      11. His success in work has tempted many to try this new method.

      A. attracted B. called C. inspired D. implied

      12. She was an unlikely candidate for the position.

      A. improbable B. unpopular C. unqualified D. dishonest

      13. Peter is experiencing a difficult period in his life.

      A. going into B. going out of C. going over D. going through

      14. John was reluctant to come.

      A. glad to come B. unable to come C. hesitant about coming D. planning to come

      15. I suppose he will give it to you eventually.

      A. in a way B. in due course C. in the end D. in any case

      16. He made a great show of reluctance, but finally accepted my offer.

      A. emotion B. unwillingness C. anger D. postpone

      17. Don't get upset about trivial matters.

      A. unexpected B. unusual C. unimportant D. uncertain

      18. I like George; he is so down-to-earth.

      A. practical B. friendly C. amusing D. honest

      19. He certainly made profitable use of the lesson he had learnt.

      A. expensive B. clear C. precious D. valuable

      20. My life is more precious to me than my property.

      A. valuable B. profitable C. dear D. noble





      Food and Health

      The food we eat seems to have profound effects on our health. Although science has made enormous steps in making many food more fit to eat, it has, at the same time, made many foods unfit to eat. Some research h as shown that perhaps eighty percent of all human illness are related to diet an d forty percent of cancer is related to the diet as well, especially cancer of t he colon. Different cultures are more prone to contract certain illness because of the food that is characteristic in these cultures. That food is related to illness is not a new discovery. In 1945, government researches realized that nitrate s and nitrites, commonly used to preserve color in meats, and other food additives caused cancer. Yet, these carcinogenic additives (有致癌作用的添加劑) remain in our food, and it becomes more difficult all the time to know which things on the packaging lakes of processed food are helpful or harmful. The additives which we eat are not all so direct. Farmers often give penicillin to beef and poultry and because of this, penicillin has been found in the milk of treated cows . Some times similar drugs are administered to animals not for medicinal purposes but for financial reasons. The farmers are simply trying to fatten the animals in order to obtain a higher price on the market. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has tried repeatedly to control these procedures, the practices continues.

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